maandag, juni 04, 2007


Tonight the GF and I are going the very first concert of Evanescence in Belgium. I've just put on some music to get into the right mood. After listening to Marija Serifovic and nothing but Marija Serifovic for the last weeks, I've become quite capable of singing along with most of her songs (phonetically of course) but that doesn't help me with tonight.
Tonight "dark, gothic, wearing sexy bridal clothes"-Amy is the one I listen to.

The GF just said she can't handle a few hours of that suicide music. She even wants to wear something fushia! Tsk! Like you wear fushia when you're about to kill yourself. Uhu. It's all black tonight and I'm considering to go crazy with eyeliner. That last thing to please the GF of course. Make up makes me itchy.
Anyway I'm figuring out how to smuggle my camera into the "LottoArena", how to keep my GF from committing suicide and how not go completely raccoon-y when I've put on way too much eyeliner.
But it'll be fun. It's been a while since I've been able to listen to Evanescence for more than two songs in a row. (Two songs is the GF's limit, after that she starts yelling she'll jump of the roof. We have seats on the balcony.. Nnnnice ^_^)

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Op 8:42 p.m. , Blogger Occie17th zei...

Have fun


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